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Reelshot V2

Want to make vlogs but editing takes too long?

Edit in REAL-TIME!

Awesome! Adding you to Testflight asap

Save hours of time editing

Switch between A and B Roll as you shoot

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A ROLL Button.png

For shots where you're talking or want the sound in the final video

B ROLL Button.png

For shots showing scenery or action that will have music over the top

Youtubers using A & B Roll

Easily make awesome vlogs like these using Reelshot real-time editing

Real-time Editing Beta

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Reelshot Editor volume.png

Here's How it Works
Beta version test & demo vlog with our founder

"This vlog was 99% ready by the time I left the camera and required seconds of editing.
I just had to select a beat I liked, delete a few shots and add a photo to complete."

Open in Youtube for full quality

What I loved:

- Knowing B roll was going straight to montage with music. B Roll mode lets you instantly relax.
- NOT forgetting to switch between A/B modes. It's intuitive.
- Easily being able to set up shots in camera. E.g. 30s X4 Timelapse with 3s Timer
- Easily setting B Roll to 2s shots to stay in the moment more. You can hold record to override.

- MINIMAL post editing. It was literally ready to use minus deleting a shot or two.

- A/B structure with good music massively increases simple vlog quality.
- Keeping it real!

How to improve Beta V1:

- Stabilised camera
- Easy access for classic vlog shots camera settings
- Setting to launch app straight to last projects camera
- Minimal beautiful camera design
- Vast library of world class beats & vlog music
- Pre-select and favourite music
- Music fades
- Easy Voiceover

"I'm no expert vlogger but do know high quality/engaging vlogs can easily be made from a combo of A & B Roll with good music and a bit of an adventure.

It's VERY simple to switch between A & B roll on the go once you know which is which.

We don't need expensive camera and editing equipment for vlogs anymore.

This is perfect for beginners or to simply save time editing"

Reelshot Logo Web.png



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