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Hello Press!

If you have any more questions please contact Leo personally.
Reeltime Apps is a small UK based team of 3.
We are one of very few other UK companies in the world of content creation and
making video tools for vlogging and recaps.

As our phones cameras & processing abilities constantly improve, the experiences we offer must improve with them. We're counting on this by building truly unique and timeless apps in the content space starting with Reelshot & Photosweep.


Reelshot™ Details:

Reelshot Awards Press.png

Reelshot Description

Reelshot is perfect for easy vlogs, quick recaps & keeping video diaries. It's full of essential editing and unique features with an extremely easy to use interface where everything is designed to save the user time and let them make best use of their existing content. We think different and are absolutely NOT just another video editing app.

A no-nonsense experience for editing content quickly to collate memories with beautiful recaps. Features like the much loved Recap Portal and 'Trim ALL shots in a tap' make it SO easy while saving time editing.

You don't need filters and effects people! Keep it Simple. Keep it Reel!

The Reelshot smart camera can be used for super easy vlogging. Users pre-set shot lengths, FPS, align, lens type and more. When launching the project from the home screen they jump straight back into the saved settings. We want it to feel like picking up and shooting with a physical camcorder, although you have many in your pocket with their unique settings and for various projects you update over time. Ideal for artists and creators with multiple projects on the go.

Reelshot also gives a range of popular vlogging templates with pre-set cameras to inspire creation.

Including: Week in the life, Work life, 30 Day Challenge, Selfie Diary, Core Memories, Wide Lens Vlog & many more. 


Things we're proud of:

Video Editing Features ONLY on Reelshot...

Real-time Speed Editing - Switch between Slomo, Normal & Time-lapse as you shoot or with Live Edit.

The Recap Portal - View your content history and quickly Recap by week, month, season & year.

Trim all shots in a single Tap - Save tonnes of time making quick Recaps.

Delete Excess Footage - Shoot 240FPS footage. Trim what you need. Batch delete any waste.

Vlog Cam & Quick Launch Home - Multiple Projects live on your home-screen with saved camera settings.


Featured Worldwide By Apple:
- Apps We Love Right Now
Apps You Can't Miss
This Week's Favourites
- Early Adopters (China / Asia)  
Easily cut a short video (China / Asia)  
- Capture the beauty of the new year (China / Asia)  


  • Using the phrase "Reels" before Instagram... You're welcome Mark.

  • 90,000+ Downloads

  • 1300+ 5 Star Reviews. LOVED by users worldwide with many champions.

  • UK Patent granted for our real-time speed locking feature.

  • Reelshot™ Trademark - Protected in UK, US, EU & Japan


Company Story

Founded in 2018 by Leo J Barnett. Entrepreneur & Product designer that loves to innovate. The MVP real-time speed editing feature was inspired by a friend sending videos of houses to rent that were just a bit...well.. too long! For fun I designed the real-time editing feature so time-lapse could be selected whilst shooting the boring parts of moving from room to room. Naturally had to add Slomo and boom! A clean unique interface was born. Researched it hadn't been done before and validated it with creators before finding the tech team to bring it to life.

Video tech talent is RARE so it was a challenge. With many obstacles on the journey we raised some pre-seed funding with the incredible Wilko Futures and released our MVP which to our delight was featured 
worldwide by Apple. Leo was then a guest speaker on the App Masters podcast with legend Steve P Young.

Leo worked in Film & TV as an actor and extra (featuring in The Crown and met Spielberg and Ridley Scott doubling A list actors at Warner Brothers studios) This gave a fascinating insight and love for film-making. Personal content creation growth exploded at the same time and we began advancing Reelshot to fill the needs of creators to save time making beautiful content through simple unique features.

We're up against giants in this game so thinking smart and simple is all we can do.

Our vision is bigger than ever with plans for further real-time editing features to build that have been successfully validated with vloggers worldwide.

We're working on a game-changing solution to save tonnes of time editing. We want HQ story-telling to be accessible to everyone and fun to make. Natural creators as well as those who may typically shy away from content creation.

Reeltime Apps have launched our second app Photosweep. The fastest app to manually sort your content. The first app in the world to offer gallery sorting.

Currently raising Seed investment to accelerate marketing V1 while building V2.


Reelshot Images

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Photosweep Details:

Photosweep Description

Sort photos from a gallery view. Sweep left or right on your photos to organise to albums, delete, favourite or hide.


It's the FASTEST way to MANUALLY clean... And the Photosweep method has never been done before! The Birdseye view of you content makes it super fast to clear the junk and keep hold of the rest.

You can't always trust Robots & Ai to judge what memories are important to you. Re-live, clean and treasure them with Photosweep. Sort to albums, Clear photos and storage to keep a happy phone.

Exponential creation of content means more sorting, making use of and clearing data.

Photosweep is a 2 person team based in the UK with the mission of creating the #1 app for making the most of your content.

Photosweep Images

Photosweep Icon.png
Photosweep Logo.png
Photosweep QR Code.png
Photosweep Screenshots.png
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