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Clear Storage & Organise iOS Albums
Sweep or tap to free up phone space and sort media to albums.
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We can't trust the "One Tap to Clean" solutions out there...

Memories are too precious.

So we built the fastest App to MANUALLY sort your photos and videos instead.
Why is this not in the top 10 apps!?
Love so much about the app. Some standout features are the ability to quickly swipe thumbnail photos to delete, or file into an album you can easily set and change.

The thumbnail view size is also quickly changeable if you can’t quite make out the photo content.

It also uses the built in Apple Photo albums so unlike some other apps..
Superb photo sorting app
After looking at apps to arrange my photos and videos etc. I settled on Photosweep and I have not been disappointed. It has become a pleasure to use this app which in turn makes looking through my photos a pleasure.
"This is the fastest and smoothest organising method I have ever seen"
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Try Photosweep for yourself!
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Rapid manual content cleaning.
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