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Rapid manual content cleaning
Sweep or tap to sort photos into
albums, to favourite, delete or hide.
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We can't trust the "One Tap to Clean" solutions out there...

Memories are too precious.

So we built the fastest App to MANUALLY sort your photos and videos instead.
We want organising content to be fun, fast and safe.


There's more content than ever before.

We need better experiences to relive, sort and clear it.

The Break down:

Fun - You're reliving memories here!

You should be able to 
experience them beautifully with no distractions.

We're seeking the answer to making the most of the content we all hoard.

Fast - Our unique birds eye view gallery experience makes it fast to sort.

Manually of course! 

Why manually?

See safe...

Safe! - Is there anything more precious than your photos & memories?

There's many apps out there offering "One tap" solutions to cleaning your gallery.

A robot and A.I. will never be able to judge which memories are important to you.

That dark 
blurry photo might hold the moment someone said those three special words to you.

That fifth shot in the same spot of the group might have the funniest faces....It's all down to perception!

Photosweep has been designed to be extremely simple but fast to MANUALLY sort content and memories. And with this a rigid review process so you never make a mistake.

Taking that tiny extra step to sort manually and you not only safely sort but you're reliving those core moments you took the shot for.

We hope you love Photosweep!

Leo & Dave

PhotoSweep Logo v2.png
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Rapid manual content cleaning.
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