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Featured Worldwide by Apple
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Shoot Vlogs & Make Recaps
Creators absolutely LOVE Reelshot
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A smart camera with beautifully simple editing tools.
Reelshot is perfect for making easy vlogs, quick recaps & keeping video diaries.
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Quick Access Home
Easy Vlogs
Quick Recaps
Real-time editing
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Reelshot Reels

Reels are like video content playlists, a home for any kind of project.
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Saved Camera Settings
Launching a reels camera will immediately let you shoot in the saved settings:
Shot length   -   Lens type   -   Align with last shot   -   FPS   -   Timer   -   Speed
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Super Easy Montages

Rapidly create a montage for your day, month or year!

Just hit "All" to apply consistent shot lengths
and find the perfect moment in seconds.

Use shots from as low as 0.1s.
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Recap Portal

Your Personal Memory Archive.

Rapidly import content from your
Weeks, Months, Season & Years
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Smart Camera

Shoot portrait & landscape

All the creator essentials with unique features:

- Set FPS, Align with last shot, Shot length, Lens, Timer.


- Hold any button to instantly record in that speed.

- Real-time Editing. Switch speeds as you shoot!

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Save Storage Space

Delete unused excess footage.

Take as many HQ 240FPS super slomo shots as you like with no storage worries.

After you trim, just keep the perfect moment and Reelshot will fully delete the rest.

You'll see how much space you can save before!
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Velocity Editor

Add and adjust multiple speeds.

Use the Reelshot Live Editor to edit in real-time.

The Live Editor is Reelshots original feature
Apple and featured world-wide.
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Export Control

For Pro's and social creators.

Guidance for perfect FPS & Resolution output.

Export in 4K.
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Save & Share

Export as a Full Video or Individual Shots.

Instantly share with your audience across all social media channels.

Instagram, Youtube, TikTok & everywhere else!
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Reels Management

Share RAW Reels!

Reelshot let's you send a RAW Reel which includes all content and editing settings.

Send them to any other iOS device or friends with Reelshot to save or continue the journey!
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Shoot Vlogs & Make Recaps
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