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We want to empower creators with all the tools they need to make fun, captivating content, FAST.

Reelshot is a small team of app lovers based in the UK.

Inspired by a friend searching for a house to rent and sending videos through to a group chat, we wondered how they could be improved and easier to make.

The app was born with the target of adventurers an explorers in mind. Or anyone that wanted to condense those longer videos where they may be travelling.

We've proudly partnered with WILKO ventures who have helped us bring this project to life and continue to support the growth and direction for the Reelshot brand.

Our ultimate aim is is to encourage further creativity, sharing and inspire people to explore...

We're all about keeping things real and using the Reel.



Our Mission

To empower artists with all the tools they need to connect directly with fans whilst growing their audience.

We want people to be proud of owning their music collection, to treasure it and support the creators that produce it.

Encourage fans to find the balance between streaming and owning music by giving them the opportunity to be part of an artists journey and nurture their growth.

How it Looks

Visit the Beta version website and the Overview below.

First Roots Homepage

Artist Tracks Area

Uploading a new track and selecting the release options. E.g. Pay or Share to Download.

Viewing and Creating Collectives

User Journey from Artist Profile to Receiving Download after selecting "OWN"

A Fan Selects their preferred option to support the artist

Share Via Facebook Messenger to Download. Empowering Personal Recommendations.

Pay a Fixed Price or Name your Own Price

Geo Mapping - Mark on the map where you would like to see this Artist play.

This location will appear on the Artists Profile and display new listeners this share creates.

Commence your Download or Email a link for it to be downloaded elsewhere.

Finish the journey by following the Artists social pages and checking out their Collective.

Fan's can keep checking back to see how many new listeners you created or continue to share the track as much as possible via Facebook or Twitter.

Anything else?

It's been built Mobile-First People watching buskers in a busy street could find the artist and support them in seconds. Artists can upload tracks from their mobile and set how they'd like them to be released in minutes.

Artists keep 100% of revenue - Unlike other direct- to-fan services First Roots is letting artists pay what they want to use it. 

Artists Pay what they want for the Service - You choose how much you'd like to pay for our service each month or help us grow by sharing first roots to your friends and fellow artists by Facebook or Twitter.

We're offering artists the same payment options that they can offer fans.

Spread the word, tell a friend.

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